How many of you guessed this Street View kayak was on an expedition around Peninsular Malaysia?

What gave it away? Was it the Malacca Straits Mosque, Langkawi’s Eagle Square or did you recognize one of Pahang's beautiful beaches?
Six months after setting out on a journey around Peninsular Malaysia, as part of the Malaysian Nature Society's Paddle for Nature project to document conditions along the coast, this lone kayaker and Trekker have just returned with imagery capturing the beauty and diversity of over 1,500km of coastline.

Here he is off the coast of Langkawi:
Starting today, you can paddle up, down and around Peninsular Malaysia, take in the sights, and experience a slice of local life, such as the Kongsi community on Penang's waterfront.
You can also see beaches and estuaries that are only accessible by water — like the remote inlets of Johor:
Or the secluded coves of Pahang:
With these images now online, it’s our hope that more people will discover the diversity and beauty of the Malaysian coastline, while also gaining awareness of some of the sadder scenes of coastal degradation and pollution (anyone interested in supporting the work of the Malaysian Nature Society can learn more about their efforts here).

If you want to retrace the kayak’s entire route, start here. Look close enough, and you’ll find a crowd to see you off on your journey.

Posted by Nhazlisham Hamdan, Street View Operations Lead Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand