The Aussies were the only ones to show as much interest in Blanchett as the Academy did, as Sandra Bullock was the big favorite amongst Kiwis (who, remember, loved Gravity so much), while Malaysians, Singaporeans, and Hong Kongers searched for Amy Adams the most out of the other nominees.

The big favorite for Best Actor across the board was Leonardo DiCaprio, who topped the most searched charts in almost every single country in Asia, as well as aggregated searches worldwide. However, dark-horse winners seemed to be a theme for the night as Matthew McConaughey stole the crown for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.

It’s always a fun exercise to see if the volume of Internet searches are a good gauge for the eventual winners. In this year’s Oscar race though, it seems like Asian movie fans’ interests are at odds with the Academy’s favorites. But then, the prize is for the best, not for the best known.

Posted by Joyce Hau, Communications Senior Associate, Google APAC