For those of you who don’t know, Neko Atsume is a game in which you attract virtual stray cats by leaving them offerings. It’s so addictive that people can’t paws.

If that’s meow-sic to your ears, then you should be paws-itively ecstatic about tomorrow’s event. Real-life cats will be offered food in a cat cafe, and not just any cat cafe, but the world’s first cat cafe in Osaka. The decisions those cats make will then be broadcats broadcast live on MewTube YouTube.

Don’t try this at home. These cats are untrained. But if you’re feline up to it, do watch it at home, live from 11:00am to 22:00 Tokyo time, right here or on the Google Play Japan YouTube channel.

Highlights: The post-lunch showdown at the table.

The tension in the room began to grow and cats got into position

They faked each other out

There was a sudden attack followed by an equally sudden retreat

Pleas for mercy were ignored
There was one final attempt to restore honor
And then peace returned to Real Neko Atsume... or did it?